Romy, 23, investigates her parents’ divorce, with the help of a friend behind the camera. A liberating half-musical/half-drama roadmovie, between mental disorders, Shoah, terrible secrets and a fierce will to live.


Romy hasn’t seen her father nor his side of the family since her parents divorced about 10 years ago.

She has a very close relationship with her mother, who is her role model and her right-hand woman. Together, they founded the brand « LOL » : Mother and daughter against the world.

In the midst of an existential crisis, Romy decides to go visit her father in Brussels and lead an investigation on the reasons behind her parents’ divorce.

However, this investigation into the past will reveal the unspoken. A liberating adventure between the Shoah, family secrets, and a fierce will to live.



Romy Trajman

– Director and singer –

Romy was born in Brussels and grew up in France. At 14, she dropped out of school to sing and develop a musical series. Her first music video was « Moi j’te dis Lol », an internet sensation. At 16, she directed “Lol & les Lolies”, a POC rewarded at the Festival Ptit Clap 2011 (chaired by Arnaud Tsamère). This short film helped her sign with Telfrance Group and gave her reasons to move further. She then got admitted to Levallois Conservatory with a ‘Musical’ specialization, before joining Luc Besson’s Film School in Paris. There, she co-directed the web-series “The Lolies”, which tells the adventures of a funny « mother and daughter » duet. Later, she wrote a short TV series (‘Backseat Driver’), signed by NRJ12, followed up by work opportunities in Sydney, and in Los Angeles at EuropaCorp. Romy is acting, writing songs and contributes to some script-related activities (For Ruben Amar, Audrey Diwan, Micha Wald). At 23 she produced her first musical documentary “My parents’ divorce” (2021).

Anaïs Straumann-Lévy

– Co-director –

Thrilled by photography and video, Anais joined Avignon’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts. She pursued her way through Sorbonne University and received a Master degree in Philosophy. She wrote a thesis on language and history in Benjamin Walter’s work. In 2013, she started film production as a director’s assistant in many films, among them “Bad girls” by Arnaud Khayadjanian (2014 -1,3 million views) and “La Fin” by François Nolla & Hugo Hubert (2015) nominated in many festivals, including Los Angeles. Having a keen interest in documentary films, she joined the company “Films d’Ici” in September 2014 for two consecutive internships, one in distribution and the other one in Production. In 2017, she joined the crew of a feature-film « La Fable du Coq », as a director’s assistant, DOP and editor. She met Romy on her first short film “Bonne Fête Maman”’s set. Their chemistry, combined with their similar family setting have been a strong source of inspiration in order to make this movie. Following this experience, Anaïs created Griotte Films to create biographical videos on request.


Directors • Romy Trajman, Anaïs Straumann-Lévy

DOP • Anaïs Straumann-Lévy

Original songs • Romy Trajman, Alexandre de la Baume and Marielle Sade.

DOP (musical parts) • Margaux Bellynck and François Nolla.

Editing • Romy Trajman, Anaïs Straumann-Lévy and Marielle Sade.

Editing consultations • Micha Wald, Dora Moutot and Mathyas Verress.

Editing assistantship, Graphic design, VFX • Anaïs Belluet.

Post-Production • ‘Les Films de la Récré’ (Boris Baum) and ‘Le Studio Hotline’ (Aline Bernard).

Post-Production supervision • Romy Trajman.

Sound editing • Paul Lévy, Johnny Wlouvel and Valentin Guillaume.

Produced by Panach Company (Romy Trajman, Anaïs Straumann-Lévy), Kwassa Films (Annabella Nezri, Marie Volkenner), Parallell Cinema (David Steiner) and Sunset Junction (Victor Shapiro, Raphael Swann).

Production assistantship • Célia Angelier, Clara Brandt and Aurélie Dessain.

Granted by the SACEM and les Ateliers du Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers.


Romy Trajman

Kwassa Films is a young Brussels production company which aims to promote innovative, creative and accessible projects to a large audience. It thus wishes to contribute to the emergence of young Belgian talents on the international scene. This year, Kwassa Films co-produced the first fiction feature films “Jumbo” by Zoé Wittock (Sundance and Berlin 2020), “Binti” by Frederike Migom (Sundance and Berlin 2020) and « Si le vent tombe » (Festival de Cannes 2020).

Annabella Nezri
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Victor Shapiro enjoys to mix indie documentaries and films, with a deep taste for daring storytelling. He produced the documentaries « Fishing without Nets » (Sundance 2014 – Jury’s Prize), ‘Méditerranea‘ by Jonas Carpignano (Cannes 2015), followed in 2018 by «Bullet Head» (With Antonio Banderas, John Malkovitch and Adrian Brody). Recently, «IO», and « TREAD » (2020), both broadcasted on Netflix.

Victor Shapiro


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